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One of our passions is getting to share our heart and vision for churches and families with others. If you are interested in having ReFocus Ministry come to your church or event, please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you within 3-5 days

ReFocus is currently hosting ONLINE webinars and coaching sessions! These can be personalized for your church and/or ministry context and will provide practical ways to begin connecting generations in your faith community, both in the Home and in the Church. For more information and a personalized response, email christina.m.embree@gmail.com.

ReConnect Webinar: Connecting the Generations at Church and Home

Ready to Start Connecting Generations, Not Sure Where to Begin?

ReFocus Ministry is pleased to present a four-part webinar series on generational discipleship and connection for churches interested in exploring intergenerational ministry both in their church and in their homes. Each session will focus on a unique aspect of gathering generations together, both the challenges and opportunities, as well as practical tips to begin implementing now during this time away from regular church gatherings.

Sessions can be attended individually or all four can be attended as a series. Webinar can be a One Day event, a Two Half-Day event, or a Four Part Weekly Event (approx. 1.5 hours/session)

  • Session 1 – ReConnect. This first session of the webinar focuses on defining generations, generation gap, and the need for generational discipleship in your church. This is the “What” behind generational discipleship.
  • Session 2 – ReGenerate. This session focuses on the the research, the reasons, and the heart behind connecting generations from both a secular and spiritual viewpoint. This is the “Why” behind generational discipleship.
  • Session 3 – ReProduce. This session offers practical tips, strategies, and ideas to being connecting generations in your faith community and in homes in meaningful, lasting, life-changing ways. This is the “How” behind generational discipleship.
  • Session 4 – ReLease. It’s time to go and do! This session will provide a discussion and debrief around the questions, “What? So What? Now What?” and give you and starting point for incorporating generational discipleship as a meaningful part of your faith community. This is the “Who” behind generational discipleship at your church and in your home!

Covid-19 Parent Webinar: Everyday Discipleship at Home

Looking for a way to help parents engage with their kids in everyday discipleship at home?

ReFocus Ministry is excited to offer “Everyday Discipleship: A Workshop for Parents/Caregivers.” This one-hour workshop covers an unlimited number of parents from your church to join us for a seminar including an Everyday Discipleship worksheet and follow-up resources for parents/caregivers focused on helping support and equip parents for faith formation in their homes.

This workshop has been widely attended by both ministers and parents alike with positive feedback on how it changed their perspective on discipleship in the home and got them excited about sharing their faith with their kids. This webinar will use a Zoom format and will be set up with an individualized code for your church only. All resources will be emailed prior to the webinar so you can distribute to parents with your regular communication.

Other Webinars/Seminars

Customizable to your ministry context

When Family Ministry Doesn’t Work

Transitioning a ministry to a more family-focused approach can be difficult. You may be tempted to think it doesn’t work. But with the right tools, you can discover the kind of ministry that best fits your church, your families, and your community

When Generations Collide

Including children in corporate worship is a new “hot spot” but can lead to intergenerational conflict if the church isn’t ready. Learn how to help transition your church culture and foster lasting meaningful relationships across the generations.

Practical Discipleship at Home: Easy Wins for Parents

Partnering with parents is the best way to ensure what is shared on Sunday gets talked about on Monday. Give your parents/caregivers some “easy wins” at home that will make faith formation and discipleship less scary and a lot more fun!

VBS for the Whole Family

Walt Disney figured it out and built a magic place that attracts millions every year. The secret? Families want to be together! This year, why not make your VBS a place for the whole family to grow and have fun together? Family VBS 101 starts here!

Additional topics available for parent seminars including When Faith Comes Home, Transformational Homes, Social Media and the Home and more.

Volunteer trainings can be adapted based on your context, curriculum and community.

Don’t see your topic here?  Contact Christina to see what is right for you!

Consulting and Coaching

Are you interested in moving your church from a traditional, age-segregated into a more family-focused, intergenerational focus, connecting the home and the church?  Refocus Ministry would be happy to begin a conversation with your team and church about the how your church can grow in serving the families of your church and community and connecting your faith community in relationship with each other.  Ongoing coaching through various means is also available as your church continues the transition including weekly emails, monthly on-line trainings, and continued conversations.

Coaching Testimonial

Hey there! I just wanted to thank you again for the idea to send a little something to the parents in our ministry! We ended up making magnets & including a gift card to a local taco shop. And putting it all in some pretty cool affirming cards that I found on amazon. They arrived at family’s houses today & I’ve already had 3 moms reach out to say thanks. That’s more than any other ‘project’ I’ve done all of COVID!! So, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It has been well received!

Kristina Schaefer Rinderspacher, Pathways Church in Kalamazoo, MI

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