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Intergenerational Church Toolkit – Christian Reformed Church

Incredible resource!  The contents of this kit have been selected and designed to encourage and equip congregations to cultivate a culture in which faith in God is nurtured and relationships are fostered as all ages learn and grow, serve, and worship together.

Inside this toolkit you’ll find links to the following:

  • inspiring videos
  • foundational books
  • informative webinars
  • thought-provoking articles
  • easy-to-use assessment tools
  • practical ideas
  • outstanding websites
  • and more!

Phil Bell,

Phil Bell is a Family Life Pastor with over 15 years of experience ministering to families. He holds a Masters in Christian Ministry and is a pastor, national speaker, columnist, author, and blogger. He’s passionate about investing in families and equipping parents to reach the next generation for Christ. He’s originally from England and now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Lisa and their three beautiful kids.

This blog is a conversation in the context of church ministry and  how to better to develop authentic faith, healthy families, and effective leadership.

Sam Luce,

My name is Sam Luce and I have been a pastor at Redeemer Church in Utica NY for the past 17 years. 14 of those years serving as children’s pastor. Currently I am serving as the Utica Campus Pastor and the Global family pastor. This is my personal blog it is focused on leadership, children’s ministry and creativity.  ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @samluce

*Sam has done an amazing job of compiling the Top 50 Family Ministry blogs here:


While this blog is primarily focused on traditional children’s ministry, there are sections for Family Ministry and Leadership that contain valuable information and resources for transitioning churches.  ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @GJFarmer21

Danielle Bell, Children and Family Ministry Blogger, Speaker, Leader

With over 17 years in ministry, Danielle draws from her experiences in preschool, children,camps, retreats, youth small groups, and leadership to lead creative, hands-on training.  Not only does she serve full time in the ministry trenches, she has a heart to encourage and empower the local church and ministries to be intentional and Gospel centered.  Check out this great example of a family-focused intergenerational service for the whole church! On Twitter follow:@dandibell

Birthing Cross+Gen Worship Facebook Group

This group was birthed during a week-long retreat exploring worship-Sunday school-Family Faith Formation hybrids with Rich Melheim in Aspen, Colorado, October 2012. Many of us have different contexts and experiences with these elements, but in our hearts we know the importance of passing on the faith, the role of parents in this action, the possibilities of re-imagining worship as “edu-worship” whereby scripture is truly embedded and connected with every day life. We believe that the priesthood of all believers opens us new possibilities for worship and education. ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @RICHMELHEIM

Children’s Pastors and Children’s Ministries Leaders Facebook Group

A place where all children’s pastors, leaders and volunteers can network with each other for ideas, share prayer needs and provide support and encouragement. All are welcome who serve with kids.


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