Family Faith Formation

Fill Your Toolbox: A Family Faith Formation Experience

A number of years ago, ReFocus Ministry founder, Christina Embree, was working in a local congregation when a few parents met discuss some concerns they had about church. Ultimately, it came to light that none of the parents felt they were equipped for the work of discipleship at home, something that was getting talked about more and more at church. Christina set about to find a curriculum that would allow parents/caregivers and children to engage in guided formational practices where they could learn and practice specific strategies and activities together.  Unfortunately, none could be found so the “Fill Your Toolbox” curriculum was created.

Fill Your Toolbox focuses on giving families/households the opportunity to practice discipleship activities together at church or in the home for the purpose of carrying these moments over into their everyday family life.  Each block of five lessons focuses around a specific set of tools.

Block 1 – Talk Tools

This block explores three different types of discipleship experience that open up avenues for conversation in the home. Faith Talks, God Moments, and Celebrations are explored together in a guided setting and families are given tangible experiences and practices to continue at home.

Block 2 – Serve Tools (Coming Soon!)

In this block, families come together in a service project that helps them identify each member’s gifts and strengths while using the Bible as a way to guide them in serving God and others.

Block 3 – Prayer Tools (Available Fall 2021)

Prayer is a way to connect the family/household to each other, to God, and to their community. Throughout this block, the family/household will experience multiple ways to explore prayer together and creative avenues for ensuring prayer is a formational experience in their home.

Block 4 – Worship Tools (Coming Winter 2022)

In the Bible, we are told that our lives are to be lived as worship. In this block, families will identify their unique household rhythms and routines and establish ways to incorporate worship at part of their everyday household experience.

Block 5 – Gospel Tools (Coming Spring 2022)

Often, parents/caregivers can find it difficult to talk about abstract spiritual principles with children in a way that is understandable and practical. This block is intended to help provide contextual experiences and language that allow families to explore the story of salvation together using Scripture and hands-on activities to foster ongoing conversation in the home.

Gathered Version

The Gathered Model of Family Faith Formation gives parents the chance to experience things like Faith Talks, God Moments, and Celebrations in an environment that is safe and familiar (church) with other families who are learning to do the same things.  Having the chance to “practice” at church gives parents confidence to take these same concepts and experiences and apply them within the home.

Scattered Version

The Scattered Model of Family Faith Formation allows parents and families to practice the same experiences only within their own home. The church may choose to use a Zoom format for a more communal experience or just offer the supplies needed for families to complete the experience on their own.

Adaptable Format

Each unit is five-weeks long. The program is intended to be short, lasting no longer than 45 minutes, and accessible to all ages, since the whole family attends together. Age-appropriate activities are included for all of the Family Group times so that the entire family can be involved.  Each five-week block has a unique theme focused on digging deep into one area of Scripture or one overall focus.

Why Family Faith Formation?

55% of families are looking for things that they can experience together.


Family faith practices— caring conversations, family devotions and prayer, family rituals and traditions, family service- influence the faith lives of young people.


On average, families spend only 37 minutes together each day.


One of the most important ways to strengthen the faith formation of children and young people, and child, youth, and family ministries is by engaging and supporting parents or primary care‐givers.



Christina is the founder of ReFocus Ministry and Minister of Generational Discipleship at for the Great Lakes Conference of the Brethren in Christ

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