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family-clip-artOver the past decade, a movement has been sweeping the churches in America and changing the way churches minister to children, youth and families.  Termed “family ministry” by most ministers, this change has at it’s heart a desire to equip and support the home as the place of primary spiritual growth and faith formation by partnering with parents/caregivers.  Instead of church being the place where most kids and parents hear and talk about God, the home becomes the place where discipleship and training take place and the church offers support, resources and community to add to the process.

Many churches and in particular children’s ministers are excited about the prospect of engaging this type of ministry however many do not know where or how to begin.  Parents are confused about what their role becomes and the church is unsure how to transition from an age-segregated, compartmentalized system to an intergenerational and family-focused culture.

The purpose of this ministry is to provide information, resources and support necessary to facilitate that transition. While reFocus is not a consulting ministry (yet) we do want to point you in  the direction of resources that will help you lead chance so in the meantime, as we grow, we hope you find here ideas, materials, and information necessary as you begin to transition.

We’d love to hear from you with any questions, ideas or needs you might have and blessings to you as you reFocus.


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