Christmas Isn’t Over

Sharing a post from a few years ago as a reminder that even if December 25 is past, Christmas is never truly over. God is always with us. And our faithful journey through Advent was only a part of our journey with Christ. Let’s invite our kids into our lifelong celebration. Let’s make discipleship our way of celebrating Christmas, God with Us, all year long!

r e F o c u s

“It’s not as fun until you share it!”

This comment was made by my daughter ogift-boxn the afternoon of Christmas.  The morning had been filled with opening gifts, eating Jesus’ birthday cake, playing with new toys, watching new videos, and being with the family.  PJs were worn all day, the house was a hot Christmas mess, and our food consisted of nothing but snacks and sweets.

In the middle of this moment, after the second movie had been watched, my daughter decides it would be a great time to invite people over and to gather her friends into our home.

Normally, I have an open-door policy for friends coming over and I am the first to invite people into our space.  But all I could think was, “This place is wrecked and I have to pack for our trip to PA tomorrow; there’s no way we can have people…

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