Day 3: Please Don’t Lick the Deodorant

Have you ever felt ill-equipped, under-prepared, and just plain out of your league when it comes to serving in ministry? I think we’ve all had those days where we just wonder, “Am I cut out for this?” And we think, “I just don’t know how to do it all!”

If that’s been an experience that rings a bell with you OR if you just need a really good laugh today, you’ll enjoy this post by my husband, Luke Embree, about a parenting experience that taught him a lot about ministry. Even though this particular article is specific to church planting (our new endeavor) it is applicable across a wide range of ministry positions, including Children’s Ministry and Family Ministry.

“Because, despite my best efforts, it is only the Lord who can call forth light from the darkness, hope from hopelessness, and life from the dead.”

365 Church Planter

“Perhaps I’m not cut out for this whole parenting thing.”

I can remember the first time those words flashed through my mind.  It certainly wouldn’t be the last.

This is a blog about church planting.  But it’s amazing what we can learn from other areas like, for example, parenting.

This particular lesson occurred one night while my wife was out for the evening (always a precarious situation). My first born daughter was just old enough to begin walking.  I was left to, you know, keep the baby safe. No problem right? Right…

So I’m busy typing away at the computer when I notice it… the silence.

Those of you who are parents  know that it’s not the crying that raises the little red flags. It’s the silence.It’s that empty, eery quiet that you long ago left behind. And when you do finally hear it again, it’s not so much peaceful as it is alarming.

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