The Words Their Souls Long To Hear

I’m out of the country for a week visiting Germany with my husband. I have been so taken by this country and especially the focus they have on children and family. For instance, everywhere we’ve gone in Germany, at the crosswalk there is a picture of a mother holding the hand of a child rather than just a non-descript person walking. Almost every restroom, male or female (yes, they still have gender-specific restrooms in forward-thinking Europe), there are changing tables and often smaller toilets for children. We saw so many children out walking around with families, parents and grandparents, and every tour guide we’ve had has shared the importance of investing in children, of teaching them values and reminding them to learn from the past.

It reminded me of this post from last year, where I was reminding myself the importance of looking children in the eyes, telling them who they are, and giving them vision and purpose for their future. “This generation of children who have so many things to distract them, to keep their souls wandering and their spirits wasting, are thirsty for this truth to be poured into them; not once, not twice, but over and over again, in intentional ways, meaningful ways, and personal ways.”

Let’s be intentional about doing that today, on Independence Day, reminding them of where they have come and the true life, liberty, and happiness, not found in this world, but in their identity in Christ. Let’s give them the truth of who they are and their unique purpose and identity in this world.

r e F o c u s


I got down on my knees in front of her, her eyes locked on mine in anticipation of what I was about to say.  She didn’t know what was coming – after all, it was children’s church and I had singled her out in front of everyone. There was a hint of trepidation in her anticipation as I leaned in and said, “Sarah*, God loves you so very much.  He created you for a purpose and He wants to be your friend.”

A smile crossed her face as I stood and encountered at a room full of faces, looking at me…who would be next?  What would I say?

I walked over to a young man, shyer than the rest, quietly watching my every move.  I got down on my knees, looked into his wondering eyes and said, “Cade*, you are growing into a strong man of God, filled with His purpose and design…

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One thought on “The Words Their Souls Long To Hear

  1. Children are eternal souls, set in families by God, for His purpose and His glory. What an awesome responsibility and privilege we have as parents! Thanks for this reminder.


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