A prayer for those with hurting hearts this Mother’s Day

As we approach Mother’s Day, I am filled with mixed emotions, this year more than others, because some dear people I love greatly suffered great loss this past year that I know will bring both tears and bittersweet joy this Mother’s Day. When I read this post by my friend Stefanie Morgan, I knew it conveyed my heart to these hurting moms and families better than I ever could. With her permission, I am sharing it here with all of you.

If you are a hurting mom, may you find comfort in the words of truth spoken here. If you, like me, minister to those who hurt, I hope that just as I did you find the words here to say what your heart is feeling. For all of us, may we remember to give our mothers, no matter where they are, physically or emotionally, our love and appreciation this weekend.

family insanity

I see you sister.

I hear the pain in your voice, I see the tears welling up in your eyes.

As we are approaching a holiday that celebrates mothers, your hearts are in mourning. There is darkness, rather than joy, in a day honoring mothers, and you are feeling the angst more as Sunday approaches.

Perhaps it is because you have lost your own mother, and the grief still sucker punches you in the middle of the night, no matter how long it has been since she has been gone. Or perhaps her health is failing, or Alzheimer’s is ravaging her mind, and you are already in the throes of sadness as you prepare for her future. I’m sorry, sweet sister, for that which you’ve lost.

Perhaps your mother never mothered you, and you grieve your lost childhood.  You weren’t able to be a child, to be free, filled with…

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