Detoured? So Were They

Happy Epiphany friends! I find that this day a great time to reflect on where we seek Jesus and how He still leads us today. I’ve become more appreciative of the wisemen’s journey of faith as I’ve grown in my own. There are detours, but ultimately leading to the best destination. If you’ve ever wondered how you “ended up” somewhere when you thought God was leading you somewhere else, perhaps you will find some encouragement here! Blessings!

r e F o c u s

“Where did the star lead them?”

This question was asked yesterday during our Epiphany Sunday service.  A young voice from the back of the room yelled out what we were all thinking. “Bethlehem!” he exclaimed as a chuckle when through the congregation. “Actually,” the pastor responded, “Jerusalem. The star led them first to Jerusalem where they spoke with Herod.” (check it out at Matthew 2:2).wisemen

I’d never considered this part of the story before.

You might say, I had an epiphany.

You see, the wise men saw an unusual star rise in the East and felt it had enough significance to warrant a costly and timely journey towards its location.  We naturally skip to the end of the story, but in doing so we miss a significant middle portion.

The first place the star led them was not the Messiah.

As a matter of fact, it led them…

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