Practical Advent: Celebration in the Everyday

If you are in the process of getting ready for Advent at church or in your home, here are some thoughts on how to celebrate practically and intentionally. Includes a link to our family’s Christmas Song Scavenger Hunt!

r e F o c u s

Christmas; the time of year that encourages the greatest focus and reflection often becomes the time of year with the greatest chaos and confusion.  I’ve heard it said that church staff members list the Christmas season as the one they most dread at church.  Parents feel the stress of adding expenses and events to already constrained budgets and calendars.  While we are excited to celebrate the season, we dread the baggage that accompanies it.

Our family has tried through the years to put a new spin on the dichotomy of the season.  The month of December is just as crazy and busy for us as everyone else.  Our calendar is filled to the brim with celebrations, obligations and events.  It would be so easy to lose our focus on Christ and get enveloped in the stress so we have intentionally tried to find Christ in our everyday.

Instead of letting…

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