Parents: Stop Protecting Your Kids, Start Fighting For Them

As kids step back into classrooms and begin interacting with peers and others, it is good fro us to remember that we can’t always protect our kids but we can always fight for them. My prayers are with all of us as we disciple our kids to be strong and confident in their faith and their God!

r e F o c u s

The other day I shared a blog about Fifty Shades of Grey and kids.  In it I shared a few anecdotal stories about some kids who were “accidentally” exposed to Fifty Shades through commercials, one on TV and one on YouTube. Both of these kids were with their parents and neither were watching distasteful things (well, unless you don’t like basketball games and cats that swim).

The rest of the blog went on to encourage parents to be vigilant, to be aware of the culture we are living in today and to be ready and prepared to engage with their kids with things like Fifty Shades erupt on the scene.

I was honestly saddened when, in one place the blog was shared, the conversation in the comments neither addressed the main point nor engaged the topic of the article, but rather focused on these two initial events. Some of…

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