It’s NOT (just) About The Kids

Faith formation at home doesn’t stop just because you grow up! When we don’t invite Christ into our everyday, we run the risk of compartmentalizing our faith and teaching our kids that church is a place not the body of Christ. Fellowship becomes Sunday hugs during the greeting time at service not the community of faith. The Bible becomes the appropriate accessory when you walk through the building doors and a decoration to adorn your bookshelf the rest of the week.

Talking with our kids every day about our faith is a poignant reminder that what we are as Christians reaches far beyond the four walls of church and into every crevice of our lives. Bringing our faith into our home EVERY DAY is as much for us as it is for our kids

r e F o c u s

So many times at church and in ministry circles, we talk about how important it is for children that faith is talked about in the home. And it is (very important). But have you ever considered how important it is for YOU, the parent or caregiver, that faith is discussed at home.

Consider these 5 reasons why you need to talk about your faith with your kids

  1. You NEED to experience the narratives of Scripture again for the very first time.

Sure you’ve heard the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den, David and Goliath, and Joshua and Jericho a  hundred times. But you know who hasn’t? Your kids! And you have the privilege of sharing it with them maybe for the first time. Which means, you can show them in each story, how God is working and showing His love, and maybe that’s exactly what you need to hear…

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