Hope and Help When Home is Broken

Brian Haynes continues his look at the home by considering what we can do when our home is broken, by sin or rebellion or by circumstances beyond our control. When there is brokenness, our God the healer steps in and provides when we run to Him. Brian shares 5 ways we can find help and hope when our home is broken.

Brian Haynes

As motivated Christian parents we often think brokenness will never characterize our homes. Many reading this post are likely diligent about investing in their marriages, discipling their children, and leading their families to be missional in every day life. Despite our best efforts, brokenness can quickly invade our homes. Everyone experiences moments or seasons of brokenness; in their marriages, with their children, in their lives. As designed by God, every member of the family is interwoven with the others. When one is broken we all experience the dysfunctional effects of brokenness. Sadly, for some Christians, the first reaction is to hide the issues, adding to the painful schism we never anticipated.

The Bible is wrought with families committed to God that experience seasons of intense brokenness. As you will recall, Adam and Eve have two boys (among others), Cain and Abel. In a horrific moment of rage Cain murders Abel…

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